Creative Services


Advertising Creative ServicesAt Anthology, we are strong believers in exploring multiple directions and options. We don’t know if we have the right ideas unless we have others to compare them to. For large projects or campaigns, clients always see three, four or even more different directions. Even smaller collateral executions deserve more than a single concept. We work with our clients to ensure our approach is relevant, differentiated and, above all, that it resonates with target markets. In our work process, strategy drives creative that can be tested in differentiated media – a critical part of the strategy.

When budgets and timeframes allow, we test early and often. These tests can include focus groups, usability testing within a website, concept testing in one-on-one or intercept interviews, or A/B testing for direct marketing and digital.

We begin the production cycle with a strategic creative plan, approved layouts, scripts and timelines in place. We put the best talent and skill set on each job, whether it is broadcast production, print production, digital execution or direct-mail production.

In the realm of television and long-form video, Anthology holds a distinct advantage in having an offline-editing suite in-house. Creative personnel can drop-in to review progress without burning costly hours waiting for changes in-studio away from the office. Anthology is also unique in having a highly accomplished film and video director on staff.

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