Email Marketing


Digital Email MarketingEmail marketing is alive and effective, having evolved from a shotgun approach to sophisticated targeted messages delivered to specific audiences. Results can be tracked and content optimized to improve results.

Like all things in the digital world, best practices for email are constantly evolving. What are the measurable goals for email? How will the email be read – on mobile devices, wearable technology or a desktop computer? What is the call to action? How does the email integrate into the other customer touchpoints within the organization, such as call centers or personal sales?

Anthology is able to create email templates that clients can modify and maintain, or develop an ongoing program of regularly developed messages. We have experience with all of the major email platforms – which allows us to work with almost any system – and can offer recommendations on platforms we think should be used. Because our testing methodology is robust, we make sure your email message is displayed the way you want it to be presented.

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